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CRZ Spoilers
This page contains Honda CRZ spoilers and wings. These products are a great way to add an exterior styling enhancement that will customize and set your vehicle apart from a stock model. Spoilers also improve aerodynamics and traction by adding downforce to the vehicle for better agility at higher speeds.
The Honda CRZ is a new the market sports-hybrid vehicle that takes its styling cues from the Honda CRX. This vehicle is new to the market as of October 2010 and aftermarket styling products for this vehicle are already in development. Most aftermarket product manufacturers are now receiving Honda CRZ models for research and development of upcoming products. Please stay tuned to our page for upcoming releases and we expect a wide range of products to become availible between mid to late 2011.

11-12 Honda CRZ C-West Spoiler

Imported from Japan, Includes Shipping!
11-12 Honda CRZ C-West Spoiler - Rear Spoiler produce smoother air flow with out sacrificing the original line of the vehicle. The flap is also in conjunction with the garnish flap to gain extra down force without gaining drag.
(High mounted 3rd brake light need to remove.)