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The Honda CRZ represents a new age of import tuning. Marketed by Honda as a hybrid sports coupe, the CRZ will be the first hybrid to successfully penetrate the import tuning market as top manufacturers will provide an excessive line of tuning products for this vehicle. Join us as we see the Honda CRZ bring a new generation of what we would like to call "Green" tuning. We hope to see other manufacturers follow Hondas lead and begin to produce fun and sporty hybrid vehicles that cater to the tuning market just as the CRZ does.


Honda has always had its hands in the tuning market since the early to mid 80's with popular vehicles such as the CRX, Prelude, Accord and the all time greatest tuning vehicle, the Honda Civic. This trend held strong through the 1990's and spawned other manufacturers to tap into this market with vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Eclipse and EVO series as well as the Toyota Celica and MR2. Through the 2000's Honda was less prominent in the tuning market and we saw a resurgence of the Z series in the form of the Nissan 350Z and 370Z.

This trend is about to come full circle as the new hybrid sports coupe dubbed the CRZ returns to its roots with a fun and economical vehicle primed for the tuning market. With a new focus on cars that are environmentally friendly, affordable and fun to drive, we believe that the CRZ and many of the aftermarket parts manufacturers will bridge this gap to provide a new generation of green tuners. We are excited to see this trend develop and look forward to Honda leading the way.

About the Honda CRZ -

The Honda CRZ began as a concept vehicle introduced in Japan by designer Takao Fukui in October 2007 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Honda briefly entertained ideas of creating both a traditional vehicle as well as a hybrid but decided to dedicate the CRZ as a hybrid only to demonstrate its potential as a sporty and fun vehicle with the potential to dominate the tuning market. Design of the CRZ clearly shows its heritage to the classic sports coupe, the Honda CRX. The CRZ is a two seat sports coupe just as its predecessor and aims to be fun as well as inexpensive, with a dual purpose mission statement that aims to target other small sports cars such as the Volkswagen Scirocco and Lotus Elise while being an economically and environmentally friendly vehicle in the likes of the Toyota Prius.

Sales for the Honda CRZ began in early February 2010 in Japan and then commenced in the United States on August 24, 2010 with 694 units sold in the remainder of the month followed by a much stronger September with 1200 units sold. The CRZ is the third Hybrid in Hondas lineup behind the Insight and Civic Hybrid. The base model CRZ sells for $19,999 and there are two upgraded EX versions; one with a navigation system ($23,330) and one without ($21,510). Honda CRZ pricing is on par with the Insight and priced lower than the hybrid market leader, the Toyota Prius.

About CRZ Tuner -

CRZ Tuner is a specialty website owned and operated by Bodykitz LLC. Bodykitz has been at the forefront of the tuner market for the last 8 years. Recently we have changed direction to reflect the trends in the tuning industry and we believe the Honda CRZ is the first hybrid to bridge the gap from the traditional hybrids on the market with the aftermarket and tuning industry.



Honda CRZ Press Photos

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